V.L.A.D.: Xiringuitos Perdido
Laboratory Instinct

At a mere eleven minutes, Xiringuitos Perdido is truly single-length but there's not a wasted moment in these intricate, often manic tracks. A self-confessed devotee of ‘80s synth and video game sounds, V.L.A.D.'s electro style would be equally at home on Rephlex or Suction. He showers “Futurismo Rodriguez” with morphing voices and delirious game-boy electro-synths, and fills the equally brief “Stringvaderz” with Nintendo sounds and rubbery bass lines. Darker in tone and more contemporary in style, “Furbymix” pairs slamming disco beats with grating elephantine squeals and plinking keyboard melodies that dance above the heavy beats. Like a roller coaster ride, Xiringuitos Perdido doesn't last long yet still leaves you spinning from its whirlwind of activity.

September 2004