Daniel Wang: Berlin Sunrise
Ghostly International

While Berlin Sunrise might be inspired by Wang's '90s' club experiences, its handclaps and whistles sonically root it in the '70s. That might sound unappealing but Wang invests the ItaloDisco genre with such beatific sparkle it proves irresistible, especially on “Berlin Sunrise (die Nacht)” where velvety synths, snaking bass lines, and sunkissed arpeggios are distilled into an immaculate slice of Kraftwerkian elegance. Elsewhere, “Berlin Sunrise (die Dammerung)” strips the song to its funkier essence, “Das Ist Kein Techno!” shimmies with an enticing snap and pop, and Disco Nouveau's “Pistol Oderso (Mehr Acid Mix)” boasts an echo-laden, electro-acid makeover that's all graceful shimmer and laconic breeziness.

October 2004