Waterprotection: Green Oasis

The inspiration for Mineto Kanai's Waterprotection moniker came from a Japanese TV program that envisaged a world without water, an inspiration Kanai extends to his Süd debut by working occasional gurgling sounds into his heavily textured techno. Judging by the dark ambiance nurtured throughout, his Waterprotection material more naturally inhabits a murky swamp teeming with organic life-forms than a crystal clear mountain spring. The grimy mood is set at the outset in “No” when a man's voice collides with a woman's wearied utterance “You're not making any sense,” and hardly lets up in the urgent “22” when oscillating patterns swim through a turbulent sea of submerged voices. On the B side, Kanai weaves a multitude of insectoid whirrs and chattering clicks into a hypnotic brew in “Green Oasis” before Bruno Pronsato gives the tune a ‘Head In The Clouds' remix, reconfiguring it with a jazz-tinged, slippery swing that sounds like Booker T. after a 2006 makeover. Compared to previous Süd Electronic releases, Green Oasis plunges into darker and grimier waters.

October 2006