Wesen: Zwiebel

Part five in Rednetic's three-inch techno series, Wesen's (Karlsruhe, Germany-based Manuel Odendahl) Zwiebel deploys a MachineDrum and other gear to produce three funky tracks of nimble-footed club music. “Whatever My Dear” slips and slides with a throbbing, analogue-fueled bump that's minimal on paper but maximal in spirit. At times tinged with acid and splashed with textural smears, the sleek track offers a strong argument for Odendahl's skills as a genre practitioner. “Paul und Carla” royally bobs and weaves with a croaking, bass-prodded thrust as bubbling synth chatter deepens the tune's groove quotient, while “Mercurian Asses” slows the pace slightly for a jaunty exercise in textural sound design. Though it won't score high marks for originality and innovation, Zwiebel is certainly solid enough otherwise, and its three tracks cut to the heart of the matter with admirable dispatch.

August 2009