Geoff White: Ince
Spectral/Ghostly International

Ince, White's first release on Ghostly's sub-label Spectral, is dramatically unlike Viscous Solid, his elegantly textured Aeroc full-length recently issued by the Michigan-based imprint. While the mix in the more grooves-oriented Ince naturally accentuates the bottom end, White artfully fashions moody atmospheres by inserting faint hovering tones into the tracks' backgrounds. A classic exercise in fluid minimal techno, “Ince” combines propulsive bass throbs with funky guitar chatter, rubbery synth patterns, and breath sample accents. White ingeniously mixes things up by restlessly dropping beats in and out before eventually settling into some pounding 4/4. The flip pairs the aptly named “Peach Preserves,” a sweet and tasty slice of minimal tech-house, with the chopped beats of “Nintendisco.” Ince is another fine addition to an already-strong catalogue of works produced by this Force Inc., Traum, and Background Records veteran. 

October 2004