Each month, mp3s, all legally approved and many of them exclusive to textura, are made available as free downloads.

Dronny Darko & Utu Lautturi: Tribal Urbanism (Rites Lost EP, Sparkwood Records)

Dday One: Seeds Of Revolution (Long Arm Remix) (The Content (L)abel Sampler 4, The Content (L)abel)

Ernesto Diaz-Infante: Tunnels (excerpt) (Tunnels, Kendra Steiner Editions)

Mateusz Franczak: Lazing (Long Story Short, Too Many Fireworks Records)

William Ryan Fritch: Protracted (Clean War, Lost Tribe Sound)

Chloë March: The Orpheus Pavement (The Orpheus Pavement, Hidden Shoal)

Erik Nilsson: Tail Lights (Recollage, Hidden Shoal)

Oddisee: No Sugar No Cream (The Odd Tape, Oddisee Bandcamp)

richardaingram: Adagio (Torside, richardaingram)

TerraTenebrae: Snow at Dawn (Snow, Filament Xylin)

Kristian Westergaard: Drift (Kristian Westergaard)

Mark Wingfield & Nicolas Meier: Mars Saffron (Mark Wingfield & Friends, MoonJune Records)

The Big Eyes Family Players: "Across the Waves"
(Oh!, Home Assemby Music)

Heather Broderick: "Up In the Pine"
(Glider, Western Vinyl)

Causa Sui: "The Source"
(Return to Sky, El Paraiso Records)

Anneli Drecker: "Ocean's Organ"
(Rocks & Straws, Rune Grammofon)

Luke Howard: "The Ends"
(Two Places, A Badge of Friendship)

Chloe March: "The Orpheus Pavement"
(The Orpheus Pavement EP, Hidden Shoal)

Michael Mizrahi: "Currents"
(Currents, New Amsterdam Records)

Peptalk: "Driftwood"
(Islet, Home Assemby Music)