As the number of submissions textura receives far exceeds the reviews space available, textura encourages artists and labels to consider submitting mp3s as another way of bringing exposure to their work. Each month, mp3s, all legally approved and many of them exclusive to textura, are made available as free downloads.

Black Polygons: Alcools (Black Polygons)

Cravagoide: Vmap (Empty Frame, Cravagoide Bandcamp)

Daed: rectrec4 (Nerves of Time Vol. 3 [compilation], Kaometry Records)

Deceptikon: From Time From Time (Presidio, Project: Mooncircle)

Everyday Dust: Nocternion (Multa Nocte, Sparkwood Records)

Everyday Dust: Mantra (John Lemke Remix) (Combinatio Nova, Sparkwood Records)

Anne Garner: Wednesday's Child (Radio Edit) (Be Life, Slowcraft / Unperceived Records)

Michael Hix: "II" (Aeon, Paper Garden Records)

Lackluster: If Only (Portal EP, Lackluster)

Lazy Salon: Rai (Lazy Salon)

Lazy Salon: Upside Crown (Lazy Salon)

Sofie Letitre: Slip (Uncanny Valley EP, Division Recordings)

Nills: Downwards (Downwards, Sign Records)

Erik Nilsson: On and Onward (Hearing Things, Hidden Shoal)

Noordwiijk: Down in the Boiler (Sailor Boy II, Jeunesse Cosmique)

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Robert Lippok: Aperiodic (Timeline, Geographic North)

Qwanqwa: Kemakem (Volume Two, FPE Records)

REW<<: To Come Unglued (Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Siren Sings Swan Songs, Hidden Shoal)

Markis Sage: Mutant Love Triangle (Pagan Bop/Magisk Resa, Ausland)

The Star Department: Stitches and Sleeves (The Pea Green Boat, Hidden Shoal)

Heather Woods Broderick: "Wyoming"
(Glider, Western Vinyl)

Anneli Drecker: "Alone"
(Rocks & Straws, Rune Grammofon)

Anne Garner: "Come In"
(Be Life, Slowcraft Records / Unperceived Records)

Tania Giannouli Ensemble: "Obsession"
(Transcendence, Rattle Records)

Rachel Grimes: "The Herald"
(The Clearing, Temporary Residence Ltd.)

Hior Chronik (feat. Field Rotation): "Simple is Beautiful"
(Taking the Veil, Kitchen. Label)

Saskia Lankhoorn: "Sensitive Spot" (live, composed by Kate Moore)
(Dances & Canons, ECM)

Jessy Lanza with DJ Spinn and Taso: "You Never Show Your Love"
(You Never Show Your Love EP, Hyperdub)

Kate Moore: "Saskia Lankhoorn plays Dances & Canons"
(Dances & Canons, ECM)

Roomful of Teeth: "High Done No Why To" (William Brittelle)
(Render, New Amsterdam Records)

Slow Meadow: "Slow Meadow" (trailer)
(Hammock Music)

Sarah Kirkland Snider: "Unremembered" (trailer)
(Unremembered, New Amsterdam Records)

ZOFO on Terry Riley
(ZOFO Plays Terry Riley, Sono Luminus)