As the number of submissions textura receives far exceeds the reviews space available, textura encourages artists and labels to consider submitting mp3s as another way of bringing exposure to their work. Each month, sixteen mp3s, all legally approved, are made available as free downloads.

Babexo: “Stay Here” (Last Days Of Youth, Entertainment Systems)

Dozen Draft: “Daphne” (Disco Tocopilla presents Holy Athens Vol.2, Disco Tocopilla)

D.V.S*: “Burst” (Virtus in Sonus III [compilation], Gravitas Recordings)

Marsen Jules: “Penstla” (The Empire of Silence, Oktaf)

k: “One” (Lumi, k Bandcamp)

Kid Flicks: “The Day of The Strange Tide” (Disco Tocopilla presents Holy Athens Vol.2, Disco Tocopilla)

Sofia Kourtesis: “Fresia” (This Is It, Duchess Box)

Kramies: “The Fate That Never Favored Us” (Kramies Bandcamp)

Lazy Salon: “DAM” (Halo Hand / DAM, Lazy Salon Soundcloud)

Les Limbes: “Hypersonic” (Les Limbes, Hidden Shoal)

M. Mercer: “Somnambulism” (Supernatant, M. Mercer Bandcamp)

The October Solution: “1984” (Axis Swim Scar, Hidden Shoal)

Recue X Jolea: “Knives Are Falling” (We're Not Like the Most, Audiobaum)

Jesse Somfay: “Joy Gem” (Tipping Hand)

Kolby Wade: “Xk1” (Single) (Sing Engine Records)

Simon Wickham-Smith: "Laude" (A Hidden Life, Tanuki Records)

Mary Elizabeth Bowden: "Rain Has Fallen" (Samuel Barber: Three Songs, Op. 10)
(Radiance, Summit Records)

Caribou: "Can't Do Without You"
(Our Love, Merge Records)

Lara Downes: "I'll Be Seeing You"
(A Billie Holiday Songbook,
Steinway & Sons Records)

Kit Wilmans Fegradoe: "Issa" (Trailer)
(Issa, Important Records)

Rachel Grimes: "The Herald"
(The Clearing, Temporary Residence Ltd.)

Matthias Grübel: "I Felt Weird"
(The Longest Year In History, Audiobulb)

Akira Kosemura: "Precious"
(Trio, Schole)

Markus Mehr: "Only For a While" (as featured on the Cafe del Mar compilation SunScapes)
(On, Hidden Shoal)

M. Mercer: “Somnambulism”
(Supernatant , M. Mercer Bandcamp)

Roger Robinson: "Ashes to Fire"
(Dis Side Ah Town, Jahtari Records)

Roomful of Teeth: "High Done No Why To" (William Brittelle)
(Render, New Amsterdam Records)

Smile Down Upon Us: "One Feathered Shoal"
(Smile Down Upon Us, wiaiwya)

Sarah Kirkland Snider: "Unremembered" (trailer)
(Unremembered, New Amsterdam Records)

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld: "The Rest of Us"
(Never Were the Way She Was, Constellation)

Zen Land: "Song"
(Zen Land, Warped Records)