Loscil: "Monument Builders" (Monument Builders, kranky)
Haunted Me: "Key" (The Pale Ones, Haunted Me)
Delphine Dora: "Hush Lullaby" (Le fruit de mes songes, Bezirk)

Seabuckthorn: "The Good River" (I Could See The Smoke, Lost Tribe Sound)
William Ryan Fritch: "Evaporate" (Ill Tides, Lost Tribe Sound)
Garreth Broke: “Murmuration(September EP, Garreth Broke)

Å Asher-Yates: "Alba" (Mothers Garden, Shimmering Moods Records)
Dimitar Dodovski: "I" (Dérive, Shimmering Moods Records)
The Westerlies: "Songs My Mother Taught Me" (The Westerlies, Songlines)

Visionary Hours: "The Stillness of the Violin" (Footfalls Echo, Preserved Sound)
Amory Stephenson: "Outlines for a Tomb" (First Autumn, Amory Stephenson Bandcamp)
Ganjee: "We" (A Sound Is A Memory, Ganjee

Slow Dancing Society: "The Color of Despair" (The Wagers of Love and Their Songs From the Witching Hour, Hidden Shoal)
Dead Melodies: "Alternated" (Parallel Existence, Sparkwood Records)
nil.co: "25 Years Stronger" (Slowly Comes the Morning, Sparkwood Records)

Panama Fleets: "Cloudburst" (Last Outpost EP, Sparkwood Records)
Steve Hauschildt: "Strands" (Strands, kranky)
anthéne: "Open Air" (Permanence, anthéne Bandcamp)

David Åhlén: "Hidden Light"
(Hidden Light, Volkoren)

Elda Trio: Elda Trio
(Elda Trio, Two Rivers Records)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani: Sunergy [Documentary by Sean Hellfritsch]
(Sunergy, RVNG Intl.)

Antenna: "Before I Fall Asleep"
(Primavera, RVNG Intl.)

Garreth Broke: “Murmuration”
(September EP, Garreth Broke)

Christopher Tignor: "Arrow in the Dark"
(Along a Vanishing Plane, Western Vinyl)

Lara Downes: "Deep River" (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor)
(America Again, Sono Luminus)

Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir: "Current"
(Solo Acoustic Volume 14, VDSQ Records)

Dylan Golden Aycock: "Hurry Autumn"
(Church of Level Track, Scissor Tail)

Sarah Louise: "Evidence of a Bear"
(Solo Acoustic Volume 12, VDSQ Records)