Ann Deveria: Que tu fantasma se marche (II, Envelope Collective)

Bruno Bavota: Hands (Mediterraneo, Dronarivm)

Clark: Word (Winter Boots (Part 1), Warp)

Cloudsound: Red Apature (Bethany Octane Remission) (II, Heligator Records)

Geomatic: Oblique (Table Of Elements Vol. 3.0 Compilation, M-tronic)

I am Dive: The Lower You Fall (Wolves, Foehn Records)

Lerin / Hystad: Ebisu (Amaterasu, Extemporaneous Recorings)

Chloe March: Ember (Markus Mehr Remix) (To Set The River On Fire, Hidden Shoal)

Mute Forest: Volcanoes Flowing (Infinity Pools EP, Lost Tribe Sound)

Ocoeur: Radical (Table Of Elements Vol. 3.0 Compilation, M-tronic)

Opaline: Memory Drain (Memory Drain, Constellation Tatsu)

Masaya Ozaki: Snowflakes on Fallen Leaves (Fluid & Dreaming Of Stripes, Eilean Records)

Photophob: Cry (as in Cryogenic) (Large Headroom Collider, M-tronic)

[PHYSICS]: Alluvial Fantasy (Only Forever, Constellation Tatsu)

Sound Awakener: September Traveler (September Traveler, Sound Awakener Bandcamp)

Spheruleus: Ploein (Peripheres, Eilean Records)

Carla Bozulich: "Gonna Stop Killing"
(Boy, Constellation)

John Callaghan: "Let the Path Grow Over"
(If Every Day Were Like This One, Antigen Records)

William Ryan Fritch featuring Esmé Patterson: "Still"
(Revisionist, Lost Tribe Sound)

Maren Jules: "The Empire of Silence" (Album Trailer)
(The Empire of Silence, Oktaf)

Midaircondo: "Higher"
(IV, Twin Seed Recordings)

Prism Quartet with Rudresh Mahanthappa: "I Will Not Apologize for My Tone Tonight"
(Heritage/Evolution: New Music for Saxophones, Innova)

Sank Otten: "Im Lichtorgelparadies"
(Engtanz Depression, Denovali Records)

SlowPitch: "Anterior Movement"
(Emoralis EP, What Rules Recordings)