555: Evil (Swan River Yogue, Constellation Tatsu)

Ard Bit: 6002 (Ellioth, Lowriders Recordings)

The Black Opera: Beginning of the End (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow, prod. by Tall Black Guy) (The Great Year, Mello Music Group)

Clip!: You Don't Have To (Love Harder EP, Discomaths)

GREYGHOST: Deep Water, Lemurian Tides (Meditations On Mindfulness, Constellation Tatsu)

Kramies: The Wooden Heart (The Wooden Heart, Hidden Shoal)

Lost Trail: Blood Forcefield (Rural Entropy EP, Silber Records)

Lowhitey: When You Have So Much Love to Give (Alone with My Thoughts EP, Hush Hush)

Elisa Luu: Shebeen (Enchanting Gaze, La bèl)

Night & Tickets: Favorite Road Through the Summer (Actually I Really Hate Summer, Constellation Tatsu)

Nuage: Wandering Waves (Prints of You, Translation)

Andy Pain: "#Banana" (Diffrent Music)

M. Sage: Data In The Details (Mover Isuzu Dub Edit) (Data in the Details, Geographic North)

Slight: Spirit School (Spirit School / Tasting, Slight)

Xepter Rose: Caves (Selenitic Landscapes, Constellation Tatsu)

Yellow6: Looking Back Towards The Sea (Closer To The Sea Without Moving, Silber Records)

David Åhlén: "Linger"
(Selah, Mishkan)

Colleen: "Humming Fields"
(The Weighing of the Heart, Second Language)

Cumino: "Her"
(Pockets, Cumino)

The Durian Brothers: "Weggeputscht"
(Das Macht Modern, Kontra-Musik Records)

Flying Lotus: "Ready Err Not"
(You're Dead, Warp)

Lone: "Restless City"
(Reality Testing, R&S Records)

makee: "Bail"
(makee, Hidden Shoal)

Man Eats Fish: "Between Sound"
(Recollective, Audiobulb)

Recondite: "Levo"
(Levo EP, Innervisions)

Sounds of Sputnik: "Light Scheme" (feat. Ummagma)
(New Born, Ear To Ear Records)

Ulterior Motive: "Tape Back"
(The Fourth Wall, Metalheadz)

yMusic: "Bladed Stance"
(Balance Problems, New Amsterdam Records)