As the number of submissions textura receives far exceeds the reviews space available, textura encourages artists and labels to consider submitting mp3s as another way of bringing exposure to their work. Each month, mp3s, all legally approved and many of them exclusive to textura, are made available as free downloads.

Amulets: “Seventy Two Hours” (Discovery 1 [free compilation], Soft)

ATOMS feat. Leo Wood: “I'm Free” (Falk Recordings)

Bruce Brubaker: “Knee For Thought” (Francesco Tristano Vision) (Glass Piano Versions, InFiné)

Em.Deep: “Eyes Y'de Open” (Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Vol.3, Deeper Shades)

Teddy Esposito: “Imperfect Perfect Love” (Deep House Blues EP, Deeper Shades)

Gulls: "Rollin Ruffs" (Family Album 2016 [free download], Boomarm Nation)

Margaret Harmer: “The Steinway at Buchinger” (Discovery 1 [free compilation], Soft)

Aaron Martin: “The Circle Closes” (Into the White [free compilation], Dronarivm)

M.E.R.S & LBH Di Vegas: “Mechanic Paradox” (Mechanic Paradox, Kaometry Records)

Alexandre Navarro: “Surfaces” (Into the White [free compilation], Dronarivm)

Nils Quak: “Litmus” (In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni, SPAM)

Jean Reiki: “Switch In and Out” (Whimsy EP, Jean Reiki)

sourceforestry: “End of the Beginning” (Digital Transcendentalist EP, sourceforestry)

Ales Tsurko: “Twenty-seven” (Winter Kept Us Warm ..., Preserved Sound)

Visionary Hours: “The Sound of Water Falling Over Rocks” (Winter Kept Us Warm ..., Preserved Sound)

YEYEY: “Wild Things” (The Vision, Hush Records)

Autistici & Justin Varis: "Red Grey Orange"
(Nine, Eilean Records)


Bruno Bavota: "Heartbeat"
(Sono Luminus)

Causa Sui: "The Source"
(Return to Sky, El Paraiso Records)

Lara Downes: "America Again" (trailer)
(America Again, Sono Luminus)

Fovea Hex: "The Salt Garden 1" (Sampler)
(The Salt Garden, Headphone Dust | Die Stadt)

Anne Garner: "Your Name"
(Be Life, Slowcraft Records / Unperceived Records)

Akira Kosemura, Megumi Shinozaki, and Kimihiko Nitta: "For"
(For, Schole)

Rumpistol feat. Ane Tolle: "Eyes Open Wide"
(Rump Recordings)

Yann Tiersen: "Porz Goret"

Vittoria Fleet: "Like Glue"
(Greed, n5MD)

Steven Wilson: "Routine"
(Hand.Cannot.Erase, Kscope)