Alias: Watchyawannadoo (Indiiggo, Anticon)

Black Polygons: Diaphane (Black Polygons Bandcamp)

Broads: Britches (Broads, Fuselab)

Closer: The Sense of Being Stared At (In Search of Life, Closer Bandcamp)

Ben Cosgrove: Litle Rain (Field Studies, Ben Cosgrove Bandcamp)

Elladora: Murder March (Gold Girl, Unknown Tone Records)

Farben & James DIN A4: Lucifer Rising (Farben presents James DIN A4, Faitiche)

Foci's Left: Love Never Fails (Life In A Less Southern Town, Omni Music)

Forest Management: Impractical Exits Toward The Lonely Places (The Contemplative Life, Cathedral Transmissions)

William Ryan Fritch: The Bones and Ghosts (Emptied Animal [bonus EP], Lost Tribe Sound)

Gilded: Cluttered Room (perth Remix) (A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilful Sailor, Hidden Shoal)

Juleah: Neverending Swell (Entangled and Entwined, Russian Winter Records)

Sima Kim: Isolated (ft. Almeeva) (Ur Silhouette, BLWBCK)

Orbit Over Luna: Chambers of the Sea (Transit, Polar Seas Recordings)

Perth: Drank and Kites and Tomorrow (GUM remix) (Where's My Dystopia?, Hidden Shoal)

Plantagenet 3 & A Little Orchestra: Canute (The Irresistible Surf) (The Dark Ages, Jitter)

Blackstone Rngrs: "Frozen Echo"
(Descendant, Saint Marie Records)

CYNE: "Tears for Uriah"
(All My Angles Are Right, Hometapes)

EOMAC: "Spectre"
(Spectre, Killekill)

Randy Gibson: "Apparitions of The Four Pillars" (Excerpt)
(2014 Avant Music Festival, Avant Media)

KiNK: "RA Sessions"
(Resident Advisor)

Kramies (feat. Jason Lytle): "Clocks Were All Broken"
(The Wooden Heart, Hidden Shoal)

John Lemke: "Walizka"
(Walizka, Denovali Records)

Emilia Martensson: "Harvest Moon"
(Ana, Babel)

Moon Zero: "Endless Palms"
(Tombs / Loss, Denovali Records)

Never Sol: "Lay Down"
(Under Quiet, Denovali Records)

Orcas: "Infinite Stillness"
(Yearling, Morr Music)

Pursuit Grooves: "Lustre"
(Modern Day Miracles, What Rules)

Andrea Romeo: "Heart"
(Need For Expression, Andrea Romeo)

SlowPitch: "Temporary Gateway"
(Dimly Lit Existence, What Rules)

Strata Florida: "Hang On"
(Made of Stars, Saint Marie Records)

Christopher Tignor: "A Boy" (feat. John Ashbery)
(Thunder Lay Down in the Heart, Western Vinyl)

Andy Vaz: "Live in Japan (March 2014)"


Ben Watt: "Hendra"
(Hendra, Caroline International)