Solemn Embrace: "The Tides Are Beckoning" (Arc, Cromlech Records)
The Séance with Lutine: "Trees Grew All Around Her" (The Forest / The Wald, A Year In The
Apricot Rail: "Scarecrow" (Clock of the Long Now, Hidden Shoal)

Nikos Fokas: "The Red Tent" (The Eternal Creak of the Icebreaker, Midira Records)
Brandon Spaulding: "How Are You?" (Tape 2, Brandon Spaulding)
Kieran O'Brien: "Won't You" (After the Storm, Kieran O'Brien)

Vysoké Celo: "Erdo" (Liscie na Ksiezycu, Vysoké Celo)
Vapor Lanes: "Appearing" (Hieratic Teen, Usonian)
Lorenzo Masotto: "Prism" (Prime Numbers, Lorenzo Masotto)

Molnbär av John: Tralla La n° 4 (The End, flau)
Alexander Noice: "Toshi" (Music Made With Voices, Orenda Records)
Bowery Electric: Fear of Flying (Beat, kranky)

Arid Garden: "Difference Distance" (Difference Distance, Arid Garden Bandcamp)
Icorgan: "Drive-by" (Memory Triggers, Icorgan)
Moisés Daniel: "Under The Same Sky" (Childhood, Moisés Daniel)

Loscil: "Monument Builders" (Monument Builders, kranky)
Haunted Me: "Key" (The Pale Ones, Haunted Me)
Delphine Dora: "Hush Lullaby" (Le fruit de mes songes, Bezirk)

Havenaire: "Monsters"
(Tremolo, Constellation Tatsu)

Alice In Neverland: "Visions"
(L'île aux trésors, Alice In Neverland)

Carolina Eyck with ACME: "Leyohmi"
(Fantasias for Theremin and String Quartet, Butterscotch Records)

Mary Halvorson Octet: "Spirit Splitter" (Live)
(Away With You, Firehouse 12 Records)

Frederic Hand: "Prayer"
(Odyssey, Panoramic Recordings)

Johanna Warren: "White Owl" (Live)
(Gemini I, Spirit House)

David Åhlén: "Hidden Light"
(Hidden Light, Volkoren)

Elda Trio: Elda Trio
(Elda Trio, Two Rivers Records)

Christopher Tignor: "Arrow in the Dark"
(Along a Vanishing Plane, Western Vinyl)

Lara Downes: "Deep River" (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor)
(America Again, Sono Luminus)