Peter Levics: "Prelude" (Narcissism and Doubts, Peter Levics)
Daigo Hanada: "Solitude"
(Ichiru, Moderna Records)
Paskine: "T a t Stepfather Beautiful" (The Shapes of Collapses, VoxxoV Records)

Forest Walker: "Desert Lighthouse" (UV Sea, Constellation Tatsu)
Alex Tiuniaev: "Raindrops" (Beautiful Little Songs for Piano, Alex Tiuniaev)
ROUGGE: "Fragment 53" (Cordes EP, ROUGGE)

Nathan Shubert: "Folds" (Folds, Nathan Shubert)
Hirotaka Shirotsubaki: "Your Shadow" (Wet Petals, Naviar Records)
Soda Lite: "Galatea Point" (In Eco, Constellation Tatsu)

Ümlaut: "Among the Hours" (Vasco da Gama, Carpe Sonum Records)
Blossom: "Step By Step" (Where Are You Hiding?, Blossom Bandcamp)
Oikos: "Joik" (The Great Upheaval, Knockturne / Envelope Collective)

Olan Mill: "Barn Song" (Illuminations [free compilation], Dronarivm)
Poppy Nogood: "the light hits your eyes_i blink" (Anticipation of an Uncertain Future
[free compilation], Preserved Sound)
Aaron Martin: "A Ribbon Of Light (As It Falls)" (Illuminations [free compilation],

Simon Bainton: "Finlog" (Prietenii, Hibernate)
Galerie Stratique: "Anesthetised" (Stainless Sorrows, Galerie Stratique)
Galerie Stratique: "Laoskadur" (BZH-EP, Galerie Stratique)

Lana Del Rey: "Love"
(Lana Del Rey)

Lullatone: "Lullatone's 2016 Adventure Journal"

Kamancello: "Radiance"

Nadia Reid: "The Arrow and The Aim"
(Preservation, Basin Rock)

Erki Parnoja: "Efterglow"
(Efterglow, 311)

Benjamin Finger: "Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers)"
(Ghost Figures, Oak Editions)

Adaya: "I Am Born"
(The Other Side, Obsolete Recordings)

Radament: "Danza Mecánica"
(Radament, Radament Bandcamp)

Gareth Dickson: "The Big Lie"
(Orwell Court, 12k)

Akira Kosemura: "You"
(Our Own Picture EP, Schole)