Beef Terminal: “Lifter” (Canadian Patent, Moodgadget)

Ulli Bomans: “Dirty Yoga” (Riven, Shitkatapult)

Chemists: “Heirloom Luna” (Vision in Furs, Chemists)

Closer: “There Is No Self” (Descent, Closer)

Fedbymachines: “No Surprises” (Abyss, Cut)

Ilias: “Jet Glow” (All The Way Up, Aguenar Records)

Anna Lunoe: “Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D)” (Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D) EP, Nest)

Melodium: “Collioure” (Collioure, Abandon Building)

Niobe: “Daybreak” (Child of Paradise, Onglagoo)

The Ruffled Feathers: “It Doesn't Last” (Bottom of the Blue, The Ruffled Feathers)

Set In Sand: “Sifting in Sans” (What is This Place, Abandon Building)

Slow Dancing Society: “Pull” (The Cogent Sea, Hidden Shoal)

Sound Meccano / Evgeniy Droomoff: “Uasculum Motus” [video edit] (Walking Through, Sound Meccano)

Jakob Thiesen: “Simpleprisms” (Simpleprisms, Jakob Thiesen)

Wolke: “Rubber Ducks in Summer” (All The Pictures Will Be Gone, Abandon Building)

Yellowhead: “Notion Design” (Marginal Stuff For Genuine Dorks [compilation], 56 Stuff)

Big Deal: "Always Boys"
(Sakura EP, Mute)

Steve Bug: "Till It's Gone" (feat. Delhia De France)
(Pelican Glide, Poker Flat)

Children Of The Stones: "Save For Me"
(The Stars And The Silence, Saint Marie Records)

Marcel Dettmann: "Seduction" feat. Emika
(Seduction EP, Ostgut Ton)

David Douglas: "Higher"
(Moon Observations, Atomnation)

Elektro Guzzi: “Acid Camouflage”
(Observatory, Macro)

Lenzman: “Anticipate” (featuring Martyna Baker)
(Looking At The Stars, Metalheadz)

Never Sol: "Run With the Wolves"
(Under Quiet, Denovali Records)

Orcas: "Infinite Stillness"
(Yearling, Morr Music)

P.J. Philipson: "Landings At Stanage Edge"
(Peaks, Little Crackd Rabbit Records)

The Ruffled Feathers: "It Doesn't Last"
(Bottom of the Blue, The Ruffled Feathers)

Seasurfer: "We Run"
(Dive In, Saint Marie Records)

Tender Games: "In A Mess"
(Tender Games, Suol)

Christopher Tignor: "To Draw a Perfect Circle"
(Thunder Lay Down in the Heart, Western Vinyl)

Twenty Years of Metalheadz: The Future