Arandel: Section 12 (Solarispellis, InFiné)

Cicada(horse): Pong (Glipsync, Cicada(horse))

Cumino: Veins (Pocket, Cumino)

Diamond District: These Bammas (March On Washington, Mello Music Group)

Djedjotronic: Traffic (Interstate 101, Boysnoize)

The Echelon Effect: The Path (Sierra, The Echelon Effect)

Lazy Salon: Eighty Fived (LZY_SLN-001, Lazy Salon)

Sophie Lillienne: Questions (Immigrants EP [free], Sophie Lillienne Soundcloud)

Lortica: Featherweight LX (Mialle Tapes, Feral Media)

lwpss: Bus Rides Make Me Sleepy (Dreams Caught, lwpss)

makee: Bail (makee, Hidden Shoal)

Mauoq: Dream On (Neverland EP, Absys Records)

Medlar: The Camberwell Beauty (Transfer Tracks Vol. 1, 22tracks)

Moonsicles: Coyote Pretzel (Creeper, Moonsicles)

Svarta Stugan: wE Are (EP3: Aspects of our future selves, Svarta Stugan)

John Supko and Bill Seaman: Providing the Mix (s_traits, Cotton Goods)

David Åhlén: "Linger"
(Selah, Mishkan)

Anawan: "One of Us is Dead"
(Anawan, New Amsterdam Records)

Bruno Bavota: "Mediterraneo"
(The Secret of the Sea, Psychonavigation)


Clark: "Winter Linn"
(Clark, Warp)

Cumino: "Her"
(Pockets, Cumino)

The Durian Brothers: "Weggeputscht"
(Das Macht Modern, Kontra-Musik Records)

Flying Lotus: "Ready Err Not"
(You're Dead, Warp)

Kloke: "Dark Summer"
(First Light EP, Sub Squared)

Lone: "Restless City"
(Reality Testing, R&S Records)

makee: "Bail"
(makee, Hidden Shoal)

Man Eats Fish: "Between Sound"
(Recollective, Audiobulb)

Recondite: "Levo"
(Levo EP, Innervisions)

yMusic: "Bladed Stance"
(Balance Problems, New Amsterdam Records)