Anoice: “Liange” (From the Studio, Anoice Soundcloud)

Clima: “Digital Sound (Prolific Dub)” (Diffrent Music)

deathrowradio: “Hit Record” (Record, deathrowradio)

Derridada: “Derridada's Last Tape” (Derridada, Derridada)

Ernesto Diaz-Infante: “This (excerpt)” (Wistful Entrance, Wistful Exit, Kendra Steiner Editions)

Dragon Turtle: “Summer Drive” (Distances, Oscillating Color)

William Ryan Fritch: “False Substance” (Heavy EP, Lost Tribe Sound)

Graveyard Tapes: “Sometimes The Sun Doesn't Want To Be Photographed” (White Rooms, Lost Tribe Sound)

Kontakte: “Alpha Beta Gamma Delta” (These Machines, The Collapse Of Everything)

Eliot Lipp: “Getting' Money” (feat. Michal Menert) (Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, Pretty Lights Music)

Moss Garden: “Turino in Clouds” (In the Silence of the Subconscious, Carpe Sonum Records)

Old Earth: “Some Gates'll Swing Wide, For Us” (A Wake in the Wells, mini50)

Slow Dancing Society: “A Clearing” (The Cogent Sea, Hidden Shoal)

Strategy: “Osmosis” (Pressure Wassure, Peak Oil)

G.S. Sultan: “vc_translate pt. 4” (intermediate mv. (demonstration), Nada)

The Volume Settings Folder: “Sometimes the Wrong Train Will Get You to the Right Station” (Folder #03, The Volume Settings Folder)

Maya Beiser: "NPR Tiny Desk Concert"
(NPR Music)

Big Deal: "Always Boys"
(Sakura EP, Mute)

Blue Mar Ten: "Break It All Apart (feat. Agne Genyte) (Break remix)"
(Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 1, Blu Mar Ten Music)

Steve Bug: "Till It's Gone" (feat. Delhia De France)
(Pelican Glide, Poker Flat)

Children Of The Stones: "Save For Me"
(The Stars And The Silence, Saint Marie Records)

Dragon Turtle: "Summer Drive"
(Distances, Oscillating Color)

Krachmacher: "Flamingo"
(Flamingo / Life Is Blood, Klangkollektivet)

Land Observations: "On Leaving The Kingdom For The Well-Tempered Continent"
(The Grand Tour, Mute)

Lenzman: “Anticipate” (featuring Martyna Baker)
(Looking At The Stars, Metalheadz)

Lusine: "Arterial"
(Arterial, Ghostly)

Modern Time Machines: "Loveletters"

Polarheart: "Paralyse"
(The A&R Department)

Seasurfer: "We Run"
(Dive In, Saint Marie Records)

Sounds of Sputnik: "New Born" (feat. Ummagma)
(New Born, Ear To Ear Records)

Tender Games: "In A Mess"
(Tender Games, Suol)

Christopher Tignor: "To Draw a Perfect Circle"
(Thunder Lay Down in the Heart, Western Vinyl)