Alveol: Impassionatica (Every Now is a New Beginning, Noisy Meditation)

Andagainandagain: o0 (Sequence8 [compilation], Future Sequence Bandcamp)

Boards of Canada: Olson (Midland Re - Edit) (Music Has the Right to Children, Warp)

C Duncan: For (FatCat Records)

Ebb: Turn Around (dock1 [free EP compilation], hfn Music)

Empyrean Atlas: Looking Both Ways (Inner Circle, Empyrean Atlas Bandcamp)

The Inventors of Aircraft: Rural Brutalism (edit) (No answers, not even any questions, Hibernate)

Jet Plane: Fog (Loud To Sleep, Jet Plane Bandcamp)

David Lang: when we were children (David Lang Bandcamp)

Lone: Life Time Loop (Lone Soundcloud)

Map 165: The Light Burnt Open (The Fatigue Of Sunlight And Wine, VoxxoV Records)

Markus Mehr: Gymnasium/Swarms (Binary Rooms, Hidden Shoal)

Northcape: Alluvial (Alluvial EP, Sun Sea Sky Productions)

Will Phåråoh: Perfect Mistake (featuring Emily Zuzik) (Sing Engine Records)

Tropic of Coldness: Brain Drain, Curly Girl (Demography of Data, Organic Industries)

Himuro Yoshiteru: New Balance (Balance, Acroplane Recordings)

Matias Aguayo: "Run Away From the Sun"
(Legende, Kompakt)

Anawan: "One of Us is Dead"
(Anawan, New Amsterdam Records)

Midaircondo: "Higher"
(IV, Twin Seed Recordings)


Nuage: "Prints of You"
(Prints of You, Translation)

Prefuse 73 x Temporary Residence Ltd. (Full IG Alt. Version Promo)
(Temporary Residence)

Prefuse 73 x Temporary Residence Ltd. (2K15 Promo)
(Temporary Residence)

Prism Quartet with Rudresh Mahanthappa: "I Will Not Apologize for My Tone Tonight"
(Heritage/Evolution: New Music for Saxophones, Innova)

Mark Templeton + Kyle Armstrong: "Extensions (trailer)"
(Extensions, Graphical Recordings)

Jan St. Werner: "Miscontinuum Album Medley"
(Miscontinuum Album, Thrill Jockey)