Ümlaut: "Among the Hours" (Vasco da Gama, Carpe Sonum Records)
Blossom: "Step By Step" (Where Are You Hiding?, Blossom Bandcamp)
Oikos: "Joik" (The Great Upheaval, Knockturne / Envelope Collective)

Olan Mill: "Barn Song" (Illuminations [free compilation], Dronarivm)
Poppy Nogood: "the light hits your eyes_i blink" (Anticipation of an Uncertain Future
[free compilation], Preserved Sound)
Aaron Martin: "A Ribbon Of Light (As It Falls)" (Illuminations [free compilation],

Simon Bainton: "Finlog" (Prietenii, Hibernate)
Galerie Stratique: "Anesthetised" (Stainless Sorrows, Galerie Stratique)
Galerie Stratique: "Laoskadur" (BZH-EP, Galerie Stratique)

Slow Dancing Society: "Be There" (Chloë March remix) (Eat Your Friends [free compilation], Hidden Shoal)
Carinthia: "Tide Years" (Fields, Upland Music)
Medard Fischer: "Monument" (Slow Dancing Society remix) (Eat Your Friends [free compilation], Hidden Shoal)

Jon Camp: "Buoy" (Stifled Hair-Trigger, Jon Camp)
dy: "Donald's Chain" (Flip Side, amp bit<if//go)
Ten: "FB" (Yukon Youth, Ten)

Aisha Orazbayeva: "Fantasia for Solo Violin II in G Major: Largo, Allegro, Allegro" (Telemann Fantasias, Prah Recordings)
Etteilla: "Syringa" (Etteilla Soundcloud)
Jet Plane: "Roots" (Pipe Dream, Fluttery Records)

Akira Kosemura: "You"
(Our Own Picture EP, Schole)

Elektro Guzzi: "Room"
(Clones, Macro)

Yair Yona: "Sword"
(Sword, Yair Yona)

Geir Sundstøl: “Los”
(Langen ro, Hubro)

Immanu El: "Voices"
(Hibernation, Glitterhouse Records)

Melodium: "Eyepiece"
(Low Gravity, Audio Dregs)

Lara Downes: "Deep River" (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor)
(America Again, Sono Luminus)

Anne Sofie von Otter and Brooklyn Rider: “Pi”
(So Many Things, Naïve Classique)

Havenaire: "Monsters"
(Tremolo, Constellation Tatsu)

Carolina Eyck with ACME: "Leyohmi"
(Fantasias for Theremin and String Quartet, Butterscotch Records)