As the number of submissions textura receives far exceeds the reviews space available, textura encourages artists and labels to consider submitting mp3s as another way of bringing exposure to their work. Each month, mp3s, all legally approved and many of them exclusive to textura, are made available as free downloads.

Aleks: “Shimmering” (Frame of Reference, Shimmering Moods)

The Balustrade Ensemble: “Show Us To The Sky” (Renewed Brilliance, Serein)

Dakota Blue: “Yucca” (Dakota Blue)

Cubenx: “Phase Rotation” (Elegiac, InFiné)

Dying Machines: “Lucid” (You, Dying Machines Bandcamp)

Edamame: “Periderm” (Set In Sand Remix) (Periderm, Abandon Building Records)

Galerie Stratique: “Anxiété lyrique” (Rêves de béton, Galerie Stratique Bandcamp)

Go Dark: “DON'T” (BRIGHTWILD EP, Abandon Building Records)

Lakeway: “Box Phantom” (Diffrent Music)

Lapa: “The Origin” (Meeting of the Waters, Loci Records)

JD Mason: “Unsullied By Man or Beast” (Opalescent, JD Mason Bandcamp)

Richard Neale: “Palomares” (Richard Neale Soundcloud)

Chris Savor: “Take Me Back” (prod. spctra) (Intro EP, Chris Savor)

Slow Dancing Society: “Pull” (Long Range Transmissions [free compilation], Hidden Shoal)

Sun Glitters: “Waving Marinella” (Diving Into Reality, Abandon Building Records)

YokoKono: “La pression des ténèbres” (Sub Umbra, SØVN)

Chantal Acda: "The Sparkle In Our Flaws"
(The Sparkle In Our Flaws, Glitterhouse Records)

The Foreign Exchange: "Body"
(Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey, +FE Music)

Galerie Stratique: “Rêves de béton”
(Rêves de béton, Galerie Stratique Bandcamp)

Anne Garner: "Your Name"
(Be Life, Slowcraft Records / Unperceived Records)

Tania Giannouli Ensemble: "The Sea" (live from Onassis Cultural Center)
(Transcendence, Rattle Records)

Akira Kosemura, Megumi Shinozaki, and Kimihiko Nitta: "For"
(For, Schole)

N (37) / Bolt: "22.16"
(N (37) / Bolt, Midira Records)

Nadia Reid: "Call the Days"
(Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs, Scissor Tail)

Sarah Kirkland Snider: "The River"
(Unremembered, New Amsterdam Records)

Cara Stacey: "Circadian Clocks" ft. Shabaka Hutchings
(Things That Grow, Kit Records)