Five Questions with Eric Hofbauer
Five Questions with Chelsea McBride
Ten Questions with Gregg Belisle-Chi

36: Tomorrow's Explorers (3six Recordings)
Gideon Wolf: Year Zero (Fluid Audio)
thisquietarmy: Métamorphose (Grains of Sand)

Randy Adams: Invoking The Muse (Randy Adams)
FJORDNE & Stabilo: Andrew [EP] (Sound In Silence)
Molly Joyce: Lean Back and Release [EP] (New Amsterdam Records)

Akira Kosemura: Our Own Picture (Schole)
sceptre fretpen: Plugh (Sparkwood Records)
VA: The Men In The Glass Booth (BBE Music)

Eric Hofbauer Quintet: Prehistoric Jazz Vol. 1: The Rite of Spring (Creative Nation Music)
Eric Hofbauer Quintet: Prehistoric Jazz Vol. 2: Quintet for the End of Time (Creative Nation Music)
Eric Hofbauer Quintet: Prehistoric Jazz Vol. 3: Three Places in New England (Creative Nation Music)

Richard Osborn: Endless (Tompkins Square)
Nordvargr: The Secret Barbarous Names (Malignant Records)
Charlie Ulyatt: Do Not Forget Old Friends (Charlie Ulyatt)

Erik Scott: In the Company of Clouds (Erik Scott)
Elisa Thorn's Painting Project: Hue (Elisa Thorn)
Nina Kraviz: fabric 91 (fabric Records / trip)

Alejandro Franov: Suspendido en el Aire (SPEKK)
Eneeks: My Queen, My King, My God [EP] (Tokyo Dawn Records)
VA: The Boogie Volume 5 (Tokyo Dawn Records)

Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School: The Twilight Fall (Browntasauras Records)
Tobias Hellkvist: Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes (Home Normal)
Tobias Hellkvist: Vesterhavet (Extended) (Home Normal)

Tom Eaton: Abendromen (Riverwide Records)
Brave Timbers: Secret Hopes (Sound In Silence)
Lustmord: Dark Matter (Touch)

Nicholas Chase: Bhajan (Cold Blue)
Rudi Arapahoe: False Self (Rudi Arapahoe)
Erik Griswold: Ecstatic Descent (Cold Blue)

Elektro Guzzi: Clones (Macro)
Clara Engel: Your Halo is a Swarm of Bees [EP] (Polar Seas Recordings)
Dave Stryker: Eight Track II (Strikezone Records)