Jackson Browne: Alive in the World

Reviews are arranged with the most recent additions at the top.

Ayreheart: Barley Moon (Sono Luminus)
Slow Dancing Society: The Wagers of Love and Their Songs From the Witching Hour (Hidden Shoal)
Northwestern University Cello Ensemble: Shadow, Echo, Memory (Sono Luminus)

Forma: Physicalist (kranky)
Apollo Chamber Players: Blurred Boundaries (Navona Records)
Couloir: Maxwell Muhly & Couloir (Ravello Records)

Buck Curran: Immortal Light (Obsolete Recordings / ESP-Disk)
VA: Basket Full of Dragons: A Tribute to Robbie Basho vol 2 (Obsolete Recordings)
Deborah Martin: Etched Into Memory [EP] (Spotted Peccary Music)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani: Sunergy (RVNG Intl.)
Claire M Singer: Solas (Touch)
Landing: Third Sight (El Paraiso Records)

Mythic Sunship: Ouroboros (El Paraiso Records)
Ryan Choi: Whenmill (Off)
William Brittelle: Dream Has No Sacrifice [Digital single] (New Amsterdam Records)

Steve Roden: Striations (spekk)
Lymbyc Systym: New Varieties [EP] (Western Vinyl)
Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Black Stabat Matar (Rune Grammofon)

Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Evil on Oslo (Rune Grammofon)
littlebow: Three (Rural Colours)
The Colorado (VisionIntoArt / New Amsterdam Records)

Eleonore Oppenheim: Home (Innova)
Mouse on Mars: Lichter [EP] (Infinite Greyscale)
Beau Breather: College Hotel (Editions Verde)

Marc Barreca: Twilight Remastered + Expanded (Palace of Lights)
K. Leimer: Closed System Potentials Remastered + Expanded (Palace of Lights)
Bracken: High Passes (Home Assembly Music)

Maya Beiser: TranceClassical (Innova)
Andy Vaz: House Warming Remixes [EP] (Yore Records)
Anne Garner: Be Life Relived (Slowcraft Records / Unperceived Records)