Ten Questions with Gregg Belisle-Chi
2016 Artists' Picks
2016 Top 10s & 20s

Tod Dockstader: From the Archives (Starkland)
Radio Amore: Innovations For Electric Strings (Filigran)
David W. Ross: Butterflies in the Labyrinth of Silence: Guitar Music of Georges Raillard (Navona)

Adele H (feat. Buck Curran): Dogmas [EP] (Obsolete Recordings)
Buck Curran: Standing Rock Plain [EP] (Obsolete Recordings)
The Rushings (feat. Buck Curran): Nashville West Sessions [EP] (Obsolete Recordings)

Gregg Belisle-Chi: I Sang to You and the Moon (Gregg Belisle-Chi)
Tyrant Lizard: Tyrant Lizard (Tyrant Lizard)
Victor Herrero: Astrolabio (Feeding Tube Records)

Mikel Kuehn: Object/Shadow (New Focus Recordings)
Danny Clay & Joseph M. Colombo: Symmetry Series No. 1 [EP] (Pinna Records)
Akira Kosemura: DNA [EP] (1631 Recordings)

Sverre Knut Johansen: Antarctica (Origin Music)
Monocube: The Rituals (Malignant Records)
Everyday Dust: The Green Decay [cassette] (Sparkwood Records)

janus: Book of Memory (New Focus Recordings)
Trio Kavak: Heirlooms: New Music Inspired by Young Children (New Focus Recordings)
Anders Lønne Grønseth: Mini Macro Ensemble 2nd Edt Vol 2 (Pling Music)

Matthew Stewart: A World Bathed In Sunlight (Spotted Peccary Music)
Test Card: Start Up Close Down (Symbolic interaction)
Weingarten - Charlton: Where There Is Light (Spotted Peccary Music)

Rob Noyes: The Feudal Spirit (Poon Village)
Bruno Sanfilippo: Piano Textures 4 (ad21)
Strata Florida: Falling from Grace (Strata Florida)

Jeff Parker: Slight Freedom (Eremite)
Michael Torke: Three Manhattan Bridges (Albany Records)
Film in Music: Tell Tale (Drip Audio)

CHECKOUT [Photobook + 10-inch LP] (Hornschaft)
Elektro Guzzi: Parade [EP] (Denovali)
Laurence Crane/asamisimasa: Sound of Horse (Hubro)

Hans P. Kjorstad og Rasmus Kjorstad: Pusinshi Ulla (ta:lik)
Monkey Plot: Here I Sit, Knowing All of This (Hubro)
Moon Relay: Full Stop Etc. (Hubro)