Ten Questions with James Murray
Five Questions with Jeffrey Roden

Vicky Chow: A O R T A (New Amsterdam Records)
Jason Vieaux and Julien Labro: Infusion (Azica Records)
VA: Camp Blue Pines (Sparkwood Records)

Stein Urheim: Strandebarm (Hubro)
Kim Myhr: Bloom (Hubro)
Ivar Grydeland: Stop Freeze Wait Eat (Hubro)

James Murray: Eyes to the Height (Ultimae Records)
See Through 5: Margins (All-Set! Editions)
The Mike Smith Company: Famous Wildlife Movies (All-Set! Editions)

Jacob Duncan: The Busker (Calvin Cycle Collective)
orchestramaxfieldparrish: Instant Light (Faith Strange Recordings)
orchestramaxfieldparrish: A Midsummer's Night (Faith Strange Recordings)

Kathleen Supové: The Debussy Effect (New Focus Recordings)
Jeffrey Roden: Threads of a Prayer Volume 1 (Solaire Records)
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: Kurzsam and Fulger (Hubro)

Floex: Samorost 3 Soundtrack (Minority Records)
JC4: Can You Believe It? (Red Piano Records)
The Living Earth Show: Dance Music (New Amsterdam Records)

Erlend Apneseth Trio: Det Andre Rommet (Hubro)
Channelers: Space Makes Clearing [cassette] (Inner Islands)
Stag Hare: Velvet And Bone [cassette] (Inner Islands)

Daniel Bachman: Daniel Bachman (Three Lobed Recordings)
Federico Durand: Jardin de Invierno (SPEKK)
Tomotsugu Nakamura: An Opened Book In The Dark (Kaico)

Geir Sundstøl: Langen ro (Hubro)
Ken Thomson: Restless (Cantaloupe Music/Naxos)
Ars Nostra: But Now the Night (Ravello Records)

Rudy Adrian: Coastlines (Spotted Peccary Music)
worriedaboutsatan: Blank Tape (This Is It Forever)
Dean De Benedictis: Salvaging The Present (Spotted Peccary Music)