2014 TOP 10s & 20s
Dday One

Poppy Ackroyd
Nicholas Chase
Vicky Chow
Carlos Cipa
Dale Cooper + Witxes
Dday One
Federico Durand
English + Vitiello
Everyday Dust
Eyck and Tarnow
Faded Ranger
Robert Hood
Human Greed
The Invaderz
Thomas Köner
Akira Kosemura
Heiko Laux
Norberto Lobo
Andrew McIntosh
Aina Myrstener Cello
Michael Nyman
One World Symphony
Postma & Osby
David Pritchard
See Through Trio
Dirk Serries
Jakob Skøtt
Miguel Zenón

Hassell and Eno

Air Texture Volume IV
Emerging Organisms 5
Hyperdub 10.4

EPs / Singles
David Ahlen
Blu Mar Ten
Boston feat. Solis
DIFFER-Ent (By DJ Bone)
Gone Beyond
Matthias Grübel
Lami / Ratti
Lubomyr Melnyk
Ryo Murakami
Om Unit
Pursuit Grooves

Boston feat. Solis: Go With Me / The Little Things
Symmetry Recordings

On this digital-only debut single from Boston for the renowned Symmetry Recordings imprint, the Cardiff-based wunderkind shows a deft hand that belies the mere twenty years he's been on the planet. It's the beautiful A-side that speaks most powerfully on his behalf, especially when female singer-songwriter Solis is along for the haunting ride.

“Go With Me” rushes in on a soulful, dream-like tip with Solis's delicate voice, cracking with emotion, riding the wave of Boston's jungle-inflected pulse like the most gifted of surfers. The longing in her voice as she desperately coos, “And I need you / Can't live without you” is a key reason why the tune's as entrancing and uplifting as it is, but so too is the magical pairing of her languorous delivery with Boston's driving backing.

Solis's absence from “The Little Things” makes it the less captivating of the two tracks, but there's still much to recommend it. Though the galloping groove is certainly at the top of the list, the male vocal murmurs and jazzy saxophone accents also make significant contributions. Peppered with electric guitar licks and hazy atmospheres, both cuts swing mightily and suggest Boston's certainly something worth keeping an eye on.

December 2014